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"Rebellion is the only thing that keeps you alive."


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Get to know me (:
  • im absent minded
  • i get distracted very easily
  • i have a foul mouth
  • i can be an asshole and a sweetheart at the same time
  • im obsessed with the most oddest things
  • im optimistic
  • im not afraid to hurt your feelings
  • i have a story
  • i can honestly say i dont give a fuck
  • i believe in God and i love Jesus
  • i’m blunt
  • I’m a scorpio, and yes, everything is true
  • I like to party
  • i drink, i smoke, i do drugs. not the hardcore ones.
  • clearly, im not above the influence.
  • I plan to get out of the hell i’m in
  • nature fascinates me
  • i’m a nerd at times and proud
  • i like to prove people wrong
  • i like to use my manners
  • i support everything the world hates: gay rights, interracial dating, war(only the troops, not the cause), etc
  • i dont watch the news because they never have anything positive to say
  • i listen more than i talk
  • i’m a good person
  • piss me off and you’ll regret life
  • i like all sports, except golf and basketball
  • i dont eat anything that lives underwater
  • Only 3 things scare me: death, roaches, and the unknown
  • im in love with photography and art
  • i befriend pretty much anyone
  • i hate my job
  • i like strippers. male and female
  • i like all kinds of music, even classical and the kind from the 40s and 50s
  • i hate country but i like western movies
  • I’m weird. i dont care

i dont want to make this too long, if you want to know more just message me. I’ll tell ya anything(:

well, almost anything

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